Prevention is based on gynecological examination, colposcopy and cytology.

Cytology is a method that detects pathological conditions of the cervix. A cytological examination is performed by swabbing the outer and inner cervix with a tapping brush. The procedure takes only a few seconds and it is painless.

The removed sample is sent to a specialized laboratory for examination, and results are available within 14 days.

Before cytological examination (i.e. before each gynecological prevention) several principles must be observed:

  • 5 days before test do not perform vaginal washing, and do not introduce suppositories.
  • 48 hours before test do not have unprotected sexual intercourse.
  • Test should be performed no less than 5 days after the menstrual period.

Failure to follow guidelines could produce unreliable results.

If results are normal, examinations are repeated yearly.

Classic cytological examinations are fully covered by health insurance.

If results show abnormalities, or if the presence of papillomavirus is confirmed, a further examination is recommended with 3 or 6 months. Further monitoring may be necessary at the Centre of Gynecological Oncological Prevention.

Patients with normal results may also request half yearly tests, but they are not covered by health insurance (please look at our price list). There is a choice of either conventional cytology test, or LBC (liquid based cytology). The LBC test detects pre-cancerous and cancerous cells of the cervix.

Detection rates exceed 90%. LBC samples are stored in our laboratory for 1 – 6 months where is possible to perform additional genetic and immunochemical examinations.

LBC method is not covered by health insurance.

Suddenly arising gynecological or obstetric difficulties are solved every weekday by a selected doctor of the surgery who has a reserved time for this purpose after 6 p.m. It is unfortunately impossible to select a doctor for an acute examination.

We have a long term cooperation with two highly experienced anesthesiologists:
Dr. Soňa Dobíšková
Dr. Vojtěch Šklíba
These anesthesiologists provide a care to our clients that undergo some of the minor operations in our operation room. The operations include the following medical and cosmetic operations: loop conization, endometrial biopsy, curettage, removal of cysts, oviduct opening, vaginal plastic surgery.

This care include a control by the anesthesiologist, i.e. monitoring of life functions, application of analgosedation – the sedative is given intravenously to relief the patient from pain and fear and is characterized by a quick effect and fast releasing which makes it possible for you to be taken home by your companion to a home care after two hours of observation.

The services are provided by Dr. Eva Astlová – owner of health practice

Dr. Astlová carries out thyroid ultrasonography, internal pre-operation examination and internal checks incl. EKG for pregnant women every Thursday morning.

Our gynecology center can organize for you a scanning of genetically transmitted dispositions and diseases. Blood test is done at our center and is handed over to a licensed genetic laboratory.

Women with an increased risk of these genetically transmitted diseases have this scanning paid by insurance companies – others have a possibility of this test for a fee.

Which diseases does it involved and which women and girls should have this scanning?

Thrombophilia states (genetically transmitted abnormality of blood coagulation)

  • those with such genetically transmitted disease have more frequently so called TEN = thromboembolic disease – vein thrombosis with a subsequent embolia (i.e. lodging of a blood clot causing a blockage in a blood vessel). Those processes lead to myocardial infarctions or ischemic strokes.
  • thrombophilic state can be one of the reason of pregnancy complications. It may result in difficulties to fall pregnant, recurrent miscarriages, earlier separation of the placental lining, preeclampsia (high blood pressure combined with kidney dysfunction and fluid accumulation) and a delayed intrauterine growth.
  • Usage of hormonal contraception in general increases a development of thrombosis – mainly in combination with other risk factors. However, if a woman with an increased pre-disposition for thrombosis is using a hormonal contraception such risk is then substantially increased.

Genetically transmitted type of breast and ovaries cancer (BRCA 1,2)
Women with this genetic pre-disposition have a substantially higher risk of breast and ovaries cancer than other women. This type of genetically conditioned tumor can be usually found in a younger age and is frequently repeated among blood relatives (grandmother, mother, daughter, sister).

We offer to our patients of the program IVF + ET (in vitro fertilization) a possibility of preparation to their IVF in our center in cooperation with IVF center ISCARE. The patients can go through a part of the whole process in "own house" conditions. It includes a suitable stimulation procedure (hormonal preparation to obtain an optimal number of eggs eligible for IVF), ultrasound checks of the eggs fertilization process and a suitable timing for a transfer of the eggs, which is then carried out by the IVF center.