The companies Samostatná ordinace gynekologa s.r.o. and Pro Gyn s.r.o. were established in 1998 with an aim to provide a high level continuous gynecological and obstetrical care to clients of all ages.

Samostatná ordinace gynekologa s.r.o. is a contractual partner of all the health insurance companies in the Czech Republic.

Pro Gyn s.r.o. is not a contractual partner of health insurance companies – providing enlarged scope of services, personal non-standard assistance and health care for uninsured clients.

Both companies thus in their mutual complementarity ensure very high level of services.

Our main focus is an individual approach to all clients, diligent analysis of their problems, detailed screening and treatment using the latest knowledge in this field and methods of clinical medicine.

We are very concerned about a complex preventive care including an early diagnosis of female organs tumor diseases.

High level of our services is secured by high qualification of individual members of the medical team, their clinical practices and not to omit the latest equipment.

Refined ambience and high discretion are must for us.

Both companies have their seat in a nice villa district in Prague 9, Letnany, Beloveska 9 – kontakt.

The detailed description of our services and our medical team can be found on this website or we will be very pleased to welcome you personally in our premises. For an appointment please call + 420 286 921 019.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Dr. Jana Contreras Šklíbová
Founder of ProGyn s.r.o. and Samostatná ordinace gynekologa s.r.o.
Dr. Jindra Příhonská
Directors of ProGyn s.r.o.

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