Care for women during pregnancy:

1st trimester 6th – 16th week:

  • pregnancy diagnosis (paid by insurance companies)
  • main blood tests for the "pregnancy pass" – blood picture, blood group and Rh antibodies, liver function tests, detection of HIV antibodies, syphilis, hepatitis type B, toxoplasmosis (paid by the insurance companies)
  • regular controls in 4 weeks according to the situation (paid by insurance companies)
  • thyroid scanning – extraction of thyroid hormones + thyroid ultrasound carried out by an internal doctor (paid by insurance companies)
  • early genetic tests that is required and paid by insurance companies for women above 35 years old and for couples with a risk of genetically transmitted diseases – includes blood tests and ultrasound scanning (done at genetic centers)
  • early genetic tests as per a client's requirement – in selected days in our center – blood tests (between 10th – 11th week) are paid by the insurance company and nuchal translucency ultrasound scanning (between 12th-13th week) is paid in accordance with the price list

2nd trimester 16th – 28th week:

  • genetic screening examination to identify risks of chromosome genetic disorders (so called triple test – AFP) in 16th – 17th week (paid by insurance companies)
  • ultrasound scanning aimed to identify genetic disorders affecting the child's development in 20th – 21st week (paid by insurance companies)
  • controlling blood tests for the "pregnancy pass" – blood picture, liver function tests, syphilis antibodies, second Rh antibodies at Rh negative women, testing for gestational diabetes – in 24th week (paid by insurance companies)
  • regular controls in 3-4 weeks according to the situation (paid by insurance companies

3rd trimester 28th – 40th week:

  • regular controls in 2-3 weeks according to the situation – once a week in the last month before giving birth, these controls take already place in your selected hospitals - paid by insurance companies
  • ultrasound scanning in 30th – 31st week (paid by insurance companies)
  • third Rh antibodies at Rh negative women (around 32nd week), vaginal swab for detection of GBS infection (streptococcus infection) after 35th week
  • CTG monitor – frequency observation of the child's heart activity and recording of eventual vaginal contractions – previously carried out only by hospitals that were taking over the care for pregnant women as of 36th week. Currently due to the full capacities of these hospitals this care is often moved to 38th week – that's why we include CTG monitor as a part of our service as an additional examination and we carry it out for all patients having such agreement with us (contract for a doctor's assistance at the birth – cf below) and as per request of the patients whose care is taken over by the hospitals later than 36th week (15-20 min recording) –  the price list


    Ultrasound examination:
  • insurance companies pay for three ultrasound scanning examinations during physiologically developed pregnancy – other ultrasound scanning done in addition as per the patient's request is paid according to the price list
  • new: possibility of 3D ultrasound scanning including a photo and a DVD record or flash drive – this service is not paid by insurance companies – the price list

Individual contracts:

  • individual contracts for a doctor's assistance at the birth are signed after 35th week for a period of 6 weeks – done by Dr. Šulc in Mělník Hospital – this doctor is available 24/7 on the mobile phone during the term of such contract and are ready to arrive to the hospital – the contracts include the following services:
    • informative meeting addressing all your questions regarding giving birth / how it starts, when to call a doctor, ambulance, what to take with you to the hospital, presence of the other parent at the birth, possibility of pain control, episiotomy, cesarean birth and its indications, etc. – held in our center or at the selected hospital
    • visit of Mělník Hospital is included in "Pre-Birth Classes" ( or individually with a birth assistant
    • once a week examination in our center incl. CTG monitor and ultrasound
    • assistance of your doctor at the birth – managing the birth
    • medical checks by your doctor while in the hospital
    • final gynecological check after the six-week postpartum
  • contract doesn't include the fee for the presence of the other parent or other person at the birth - such fee is paid in accordance with the price list of the concrete hospital
  • fee of Czk 30.000 is payable within a week after the signing of the contract or paid in cash at our reception